Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Saturday, 30 November 2013

American Indians

As we count down to Christmas, my mind goes back to Thanksgiving and what it means to the American Indians.
I have read that the American Indians gave the pilgrims food in 1960 (Massachusetts) because they were staving and didn't have any food.  The following year both Indians and Pilgrims celebrated together.
That's great to hear and good for the Indians that help the Pilgrims out, little did they know that in years to come all most all the Indians were wiped out.

Here in Australia we say thank you to the Indigenous people for letting us be here, because they were here before us, so its only right to say thank you.

I'm wondering if you say thank you to the American Indians and do they get anything in return from those that took over there land??

Or do you forget that the American Indians were there first??

Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy Thanks Giving

Happy thanks giving to my American friends.  I hope you were able to spend time with family and friends.

I'm thankful for my children and my very dear friends who love and support me no matter what I do.

I wonder if anyone went to the thanks giving parade, I hear they have that every year and is something to see.

What ever you do, or whatever you did, I hope you all had a great day.

Time spend with the people you love is always great.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cooking up a storm

My kids get very excited at this time of year, because I start making lots of yummy treats for them to eat.
I start off the my chocolate balls, I make about 30 and its take them half a day and there gone.
This year not only am I going to make chocolate ball, but peppermint as well mmm.

There are lots of new thing I try to make as well, unfortunately they don't turn out as good as my chocolate rolls do.  So I say stick to what your good at.

As much as I want the count down to slow down some out it just gets faster with so many things to do and buy I wondering if there is enough hours in the day.  And the answer is always NO there is not enough hours in the day...

I've been very good this year and have lost weight, but with Christmas coming I this I might put it all back on. Good thing I walk dogs for a living it wont be long until I loss the weight again.

So happy cooking everyone.

If you have some yummy Christmas treat you want me to try and make let me know, and I will have a go.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Asking my kids what they want for Christmas

So as we count down to Christmas Day, I ask my 8 year old what she wants for Christmas.
The reply really did surprise me, I was expecting this long list of things she wanted for Christmas and there was only two things. One gifts cost a lot more the the other gift and she didn't want me to spend a lot on her because she knew this year was a hard year for us.

I gave my daughter a great big hug and told her how much I love her.  Let me tell you it wasn't just my 8 year old who was thinking about us,my other kids all said that same.  I am so lucky i have wonderful children who think about there parents.

If i didn't have children I would wait until the after Christmas to do my shopping that when all the sales are on that's when you get great bargains. .

I can see why many parents get really stress out buying gifts for there kids and wondering if they will like what has been brought.  Nine times out of ten they only will play with what you brought them for a day then forget about it.

And then its on the the next thing that they think they really need.

Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

What a busy time of year, with only dare i say it, well here goes 23 days left till Christmas.
Money has been tight this year and i haven't even done any shopping for my kids. or put up the Christmas Tree.

I am making a goal to put my Tree up this weekend and go start the Christmas shopping which should be fun (not).  Not saying that shopping for my kids isn't enjoyable, just finding a car park that's the  hardest and the one thing i hate.  I think the trick is to get there early before the shopping are even open that's when you get a park.

It will take me all day to get everything i want.  I will have to have lots of breaks.

I like to put on my favourite Christmas music and try to sing along, yes i said try because i cant sing at all.  Unfortunately i have to do it when the kids aren't home, because there poor little ear they say start hurting lol Cheeky kids good thing i love them.

I love the lights people decorate there houses with, i get so much joy in walking around the street and seeing all the pretty lights and large Santa and reindeer in some yards.

All i can say is good luck with getting everything ready for Christmas and try to enjoy this time of year.

Friday, 8 November 2013


Well you can tell that Christmas is around the corner when Santa comes to town.
Every year we have a big Christmas Pageant here in Australia where i live.  I was going to go with a friend but because it was going to rain we cancelled it, to find out it is a beautiful day out side.  Oh well we can watch it on T.V.

My kids have all grown up now i just have an eight year old that still gets into the Christmas Pageant, which for me is great.

The weekend after we will put the Christmas Tree up, and my daughter loves helping me decorate the tree.

Its also that time of year where you spend way to much money on presents that they play with maybe two days if that and then forget about them.  And you have spent so much time getting the right gift and wondering if they will like it.

Christmas is also a time when spending time with family you don't see that often, i get to see my Nephew who is in the Navy at Christmas, really looking forward to seeing him and giving him a great big hug.
My son who is 18 wants to join the Air Force next year, he has just finish year 12.  So I am a very proud mum at the moment.

Would love to know how you celebrate your Christmas.